Events Inspiration Board – War In Iraq


Silhouette Homework

This is all I had this weekend but hey, at least I did some homework this time. It’s an improvement.

Photojournalism Interview Questions.

  1. We know they don’t counsel students all day. What exactly do they do during the day?
  2. How much are they paid?
  3. What are the education requirements?
  4. How do they make the schedules every year?
  5. How stressful is the job?
  6. What are their lives like outside of school?
  7. Do the counselors actually help plan prom? Or do they just sell tickets?
  8. How much counseling do the counselor’s actually do?

Silhouette Photography Wishlist

For this weeks practice I want to try to take great silhouette photos of…

  1. A person? Maybe my mom or dad? Or someone else I may see this week?
  2. A tree? Or a group of trees? The sun sets right behind my house and there are trees everywhere.
  3. One of my dogs maybe? If I can get them to hold still long enough.
  4. Something flying by?
  5. Maybe some of my mom’s jewelry?
  6. A cut out of something? Like maybe my name.
  7. A comb or hairbrush maybe?
  8. Maybe a dead plant? A bush or something.
  9. Some change? Some pennies or quarters over a source of light.
  10. One of my neighbor’s houses?
  11. My own hand blocking the source of light?
  12. My truck?